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Plan a School Visit

Reef HQ Aquarium's innovative and interactive coral reef aquarium will captivate school classes with its educational exhibits and programs.  Our qualified team of educators and volunteers will guide you and your students through their living classroom experience.  Our age-specific, innovative curriculum-centred programs include interactive activities and investigation challenges, stimulating inquiring minds to discover all they can about the Reef.  We provide teachers with curriculum-linked activities to enhance and extend student learning.  Find out more about how an exciting, interactive and outcomes-based learning program can be provided for you at Reef HQ Aquarium!

Day Programs

An excursion to Reef HQ Aquarium isn't just a change of scenery for your class - it allows students to experience and connect with the Great Barrier Reef and all its inhabitants while they learn.

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Reef Videoconferencing

Wherever you are in the world, experience the reef with Reef Videoconferencing. During this underwater fact-finding mission, your classroom will be transported to the Coral Reef and Predator exhibits at Reef HQ Aquarium in Townsville, Australia.

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Last published on 08/07/2013

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