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Equivalent to one Olympic-size swimming pool, 18 metres wide and five metres deep, the 2.5million litre Coral Reef Exhibit is home to thousands of reef fish and over 120 species of hard and soft corals found on the Great Barrier Reef.Evolving coral collection and husbandry techniques, combined with improvements in water quality and filtration systems over more than two decades of operation, have led to much longer survival rates for both soft and hard corals.

The coral husbandry and long-term survival in the Coral Reef Exhibit paper presents long-term observations of coral husbandry and the survival in the Coral Reef Exhibit, reviews improvements seen in the Coral Reef Exhibit ecosystem health over the years, and discusses these improvements in relation to the major operations changes and shift in water quality.

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The technical operations and water quality of the Coral Reef Exhibit paper describes the present mode of technical operation of the Coral Reef Exhibit with a focus on water quality and compares with previous experiences. An increase in coral survival since current methods are in place indicates that a shift from occasional water exchanges using a priori ultra-clean oceanic water to regular exchanges with 'less pure' estuarine water has been largely beneficial to the Coral Reef Exhibit.

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Last published on 05/09/2014

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