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Reef HQ Aquarium - Sustainable Powerhouse

Published: 06/10/2017

Reef HQ Aquarium solar panels

Reef HQ Aquarium is a committed "Climate Action Business" and has recently published a paper in the Energy Efficiency journal. One of the Aquarium's key functions is to educate the community regarding threats to the health of the Great Barrier Reef, including Climate Change.Reef HQ Aquarium continually strives to minimise its environmental impacts by implementing a number of activities focusing on five key areas: air conditioning and chilling, pump and filtration system design, lighting, building insulation and air leaks and building management systems (monitoring and control).

Nine years of data collection and energy achievements at Reef HQ Aquarium have been published in the Energy Efficient journal, a high quality peer-reviewed journal for sustainability and energy science. This paper demonstrates the measures the adopted to achieve a 50% reduction in grid energy use. The Aquarium has reached total payback for all measures this year, reducing annual energy costs by $250,000. Reef HQ Aquarium is a leader for implementing a number of innovative measures that have ongoing positive impacts related to the environment, maintenance costs, risk management, animal welfare, asset resilience and community engagement. 

Optimising energy use in an existing commercial building: a case study of Australia's Reef HQ Aquarium.

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