Turtle Hospital at Reef HQ Aquarium
Turtle Hospital at Reef HQ Aquarium - Reef HQ

Turtle Hospital at Reef HQ Aquarium

Why a Turtle Hospital?

The Reef HQ Aquarium turtle hospital provides a dedicated facility where sick and injured marine turtles can be cared for and rehabilitated. The hospital operates under and promotes the C.A.R.E (Conserve. Act. Rehabilitate. Educate) philosophy playing a key role in raising community awareness.

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Turtles Returning Home

Since opening the Reef HQ Aquarium Turtle Hospital in August 2009, the hospital has released more than 70 sick and injured marine turtles. The hospitals key role is to rehabilitate turtles so they can be released back into the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

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Turtle Hospital Partners

James Cook University's School of Veterinary and Biomedical Science have come on board as a supporting partner of the Turtle Hospital. View the list of Turtle Hospital partners,

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Last published on 05/04/2012

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