Reef Guardian Schools - Virtual Connections Term 1 and Term 2

Reef HQ Aquarium invites all Reef Guardian Schools to participate in our FREE virtual connections program in term 1 and term 2. Below is a schedule of the presentations on offer. For information on how to become a Reef Guardian School, click here.

Term 1

DateProgramTimeYear Level
Wednesday, 26th FebruaryIntro to the GBR9.00 - 10.00amPrimary
Thursday, 27th FebruaryIntro to the GBR9.00 - 10.00amSecondary
Tuesday, 3rd MarchThreats to the Reef12.30 - 1.30pmPrimary
Thursday, 19th MarchThreats to the Reef12.30 - 1.30pmSecondary
Wednesday, 25th MarchProject Ideas3.30 - 4.30pmTeacher PD

Term 2

DateProgramTimeYear Level
Postponed, TBCCareersTBCSecondary
Tuesday, 12th MayCaring for Aquariums - Aquatic Practices3.30 - 4.30pmTeacher PD
Thursday, 28th MayResponsible Reef Practices9.00 - 10.00amPrimary
Thursday, 11th JuneResponsible Reef Practices9.00 - 10.00amSecondary
Wednesday, 17th JuneCreature Feature12.30 - 1.30pmAll

Should you be interested in participating in one or more of these sessions, early registration is encouraged, as your school will need preapproval from Queensland Education to access our virtual meeting room, and session availability may be limited.

How to Register

Please email our education team:, with the below details:

  • what session[s] you are interested in
  • the likely number of students who will be participating
  • the year level of students who will be participating

Program Description

Introduction to the Great Barrier Reef

During this underwater virtual field trip, your classroom will be transported on a dive into the coral reef and predator exhibits of Reef HQ Aquarium. This session will be interactive, with students able to ask questions directly to the scuba diver and other presenters. It will offer a close up appreciation of corals, and an introduction to the roles of other important reef species.

Threats to the Reef

As with coral reefs globally, the Great Barrier Reef is under pressure from a number of threats. Learn what these threats are, and more importantly, how we can all take action to reduce our impact on the Reef and the surrounding environment.

Reef Guardian School Project Ideas

Simple things you can do: Unsure how to get started, or wondering what your school might do next? Why not join our education team in this teacher PD to learn of ways you and your students can take positive action for the Reef and achieve simple, worthwhile results.


It takes a surprising mix of people and skills to keep Reef HQ Aquarium operating successfully. The backgrounds of our staff includes, among others, technical and trade, business and marketing, science, education, animal handling and diving. This session will be focused towards high school years 10 - 12, who will learn about different roles and responsibilities within the aquarium, and the path those staff followed to be in these positions.

Caring for Aquariums

Linking to the Aquatic Practices curriculum, this teacher PD will provide an insight into how living aquarium systems are maintained at Reef HQ Aquarium. Discover how water quality is tested and maintained to the high standards required by our live coral community, and what you may require to maintain an aquarium in your classroom.

Responsible Reef Practices

With up to 2 million people visiting the Great Barrier Reef each year, it is important that we all enjoy this environment in a safe and sustainable manner. This session will outline the best ways to enjoy the marine park, and undertake activities in a responsible and 'reef friendly' way.

Creature Feature

The Great Barrier Reef is home to a tremendous diversity of amazing marine life. This presentation will introduce your students to a selection of reef creatures. We will look to highlight their adaptations for survival, as well as their particular roles on the reef and how these contribute to maintaining a healthy ecosystem.