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Twilight to Night program

Due to the current temporary closure of Reef HQ due to COVID-19, our Reef Education team are upscaling their internationally renowned Outreach Reef Education Program. The team will be delivering free curriculum linked teaching and learning lessons on our YouTube channel, click here to subscribe. There is also a number of teaching and learning resources available for use at home or remote teaching.

Ever wondered what happens at night on the Great Barrier Reef? Wonder no more with our Twilight to Night education program that will reveal remarkable facts and show you some incredible sights too.

Get up close to the Great Barrier Reef after dark without getting your feet wet and see how fish and other animals act after dark. Watch some of the special coral species fluoresce under UV lights, capture some active night predators under infra-red light and observe the nocturnal habits of reef animals. You will not be disappointed and there are some incredible things you will learn.

How to make a booking:

We are currently not taking bookings for Twilight to Night Programs delivered at Reef HQ Aquarium, however, we are still delivering our Virtual Connections - bringing the Reef to you. To find out more about the Virtual Connections Program, click here.

Further information

To contact our Education Team use our contact form available here.

Last updated: 22/04/20