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Advanced tickets with a confirmed date and time slot are essential.

The National Education Centre for the Great Barrier Reef

The Reef Education team are upscaling their internationally renowned Outreach Reef Education Program. Our teaching resources are curriculum linked and suited to be used in a range of subjects and include cross-curriculum priorities.

We will be closing for Reef-furbishments

Reef HQ Aquarium will be closed from 1st February, 2021 for up to two years to undertake refurbishments of the 33-year-old facility. (Concepts are subject to change)

Dive in and wave "See you later" to Reef HQ Aquarium
Dive in on Sunday, January 31st to wave "see you later" to Reef HQ Aquarium before we close for reef-furbishments. Bookings essential.
Refurbishment Overview
Reef HQ Aquarium has received funding from the Australian Government to upgrade the 33-year-old facility and will close from February 1st, 2021 for up to two years.
Tickets + Pricing
When you purchase a ticket to Reef HQ Aquarium you can look forward to a truly magical experience that will let you explore our wonderful reef and see the treasures it holds. Plus, your ticket provides all day access during our normal operating hours with the ability to come and go as you please.
Member's Exclusive Event: Wave "See you later" to Reef HQ Aquarium
An exclusive opportunity for members to wave "see you later" to Reef HQ Aquarium and their favourite fish.

Look what other guests have to say about their fantastic visit to Reef HQ ...

Great Tour

This was the best tour right before we went out to the barrier reef. We saw more fish and live coral here that we saw from the glass bottom boat and with better colors. We had an excellent guide who explained what we were seeing and how they interact on the reef. Although I enjoyed the glass bottom boat, I had a much better appreciation about what I saw out there by visiting the Aquarium first. It was the highlight of the day. Great place to visit.

Great 2 hours or more to really appreciate the diverse range of fish in the Aquarium.

We spent 2 hours in the Aquarium, just amazed at the number of different exhibits with so many beautiful fish, the coral exhibit full of fish was very large and could be viewed from different angles. We saw men and women in scuba suits interacting with the fish and they were responding to their touches by brushing against the divers, something we had never seen before. Definitely leave time to fully explore with no rush to really see as much as possible. It was well worth the visit.

Reef Fact
Reef Facts

Continental islands found in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

344,400 km2

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is bigger than Italy