Capturing the Sun

Reef HQ Aquarium is proud to be one of three businesses selected to partake in a $4.95 million project by ARENA (the Australian Renewable Energy Agency) to optimise renewable energy via thermal energy storage.

This energy is first captured by our solar PV and stored as ice through the use of natural refrigerants. Storing this energy allows us to reduce our CO2 emissions.

We are an accredited 'Solar Power Station' and were the first Queensland tourism attraction to gain this status. When we initially installed the solar panels in 2006-07, our grid energy use was reduced by 25-30%.

In May 2019, we upgraded our solar energy system with the installation of an additional 153 roof mounted solar panels, bringing the total to 950. This provides an even greater saving on energy costs and reduces our greenhouse gas emissions even further. In September 2019, energy use was down 58% when compared to our grid energy use prior to solar being installed at the facility.

The ARENA project is being led by Glaciem Cooling Technologies Pty Ltd and will help industry to reduce emissions and derive more value from on-site renewable energy, by capturing, storing and utilising all solar energy produced to power air conditioning and water cooling load.

More information on this project can be viewed on the ARENA website, but clicking here.

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