Reef HQ Aquarium's Extreme Salt Order

Reef HQ Aquarium's Extreme Salt Order

With the extraordinary weather events in February 2019, Reef HQ Aquarium may have faced catastrophic failure if not for the generosity and support of local businesses.

1.35 metres of rain fell into our coral reef exhibit. Given the tank is 4m deep, 1.35m of rainfall represents a third (844,000 litres) of our tank being filled with freshwater. The salinity or salt concentration, would have dropped from 34ppt (parts per thousand) to 23ppt, which would almost certainly have killed our coral.

Dedicated staff, who worked through the weekend and with the assistance of the below local businesses, added nearly 26 tonnes (over 1000 bags) of salt ensuring salinity remained above 30ppt, thus averting a disaster.

We would like to thank:

  • Independent Network for the FOC truck supplied in our desperate search to find and transport the required salt.
  • PPS Professional Pump Services for salt and pumps to help mix the salt, and loaning us a trailer.
  • Sun City Pools for arranging and delivering salt, and storing additional salt for the weeks ahead.
  • NQ Pool Warehouse for keeping their doors open and supplying salt.
  • Bunnings and Kemwat for salt.