Internship Opportunities Now Open

Published: 30/10/2018

Reef HQ Aquarium Intern

Reef HQ Aquarium offers curatorial internship positions to suitably qualified and motivated applicants. This six-month program is designed for individuals intending a technical or professional career in marine biology, aquaculture, or a closely related discipline. Skills acquired during these internships provide a distinct industry experience advantage to recent university graduates seeking such employment. Each internship includes one supervised research project that will be the core duty of the candidate. In addition, interns assist Reef HQ Aquarium Curatorial staff with a number of duties such as:

  • Water quality analysis and daily monitoring.
  • Marine animal husbandry including feeding.
  • Aquarium system maintenance and construction.
  • Routine aquarium cleaning and diving.
  • Occasional field trips for collection or research may also be available.
  • SCUBA diving in Reef HQ Aquarium to assist with routine maintenance.

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Please note: Applications close November 25, 2018.

Contact: 07 4750 0800