Master Plan

Reef HQ Aquarium has established a Master Plan to guide long-term direction for continuous improvements and guide the objectives of Reef HQ as a public institution into the future.

The vision is to create a unified design character in order to sustain Reef HQ as an educational and cultural landmark for visitors to north Queensland, well into the future. The Master Plan will direct the interpretive and functional master planning of the education, experience, and exhibits of Reef HQ for the next 20 years.

This Master Plan has been developed in two parts. Section one provides the context, strategic directions, and principles that guide the Authority’s work and projects at Reef HQ. This underpins the way we work and establishes a set of agreed directions that unify our common purpose and future direction. Section two outlines priority projects to be implemented in the next five years, as well as provides a conceptual guide for potential future developments.

The main focus of the Master Plan vision is about the establishment of a globally significant Reef Education Hub, which may include career pathway and traineeship programs, hands-on experiential learning areas and advanced coral propagation facilities as well as increased sustainability measures and enhanced technology to support learning throughout the new exhibits.

Delivery of the full Master Plan will transform Reef HQ Aquarium as the global destination of excellence in tropical coral reef education.

Located within Townsville’s Waterfront Priority Development Area’s Research and Tourism Precinct, Reef HQ is ideally placed to be the epicentre of a world leading marine science precinct, showcasing Townsville’s reputation as a world leader in marine science, research and education.

You can download a copy of Reef HQ’s Master Plan by clicking the link here (PDF, 6.7MB) or by clicking the image below.

Reef HQ Aquarium's master plan; delivering the global destination of excellence in tropical coral reef education

Last updated: 09/07/21