Reef HQ Aquarium is a committed "Climate Action Business".  One of the Aquarium's key functions is to educate the community regarding threats to the health of the Great Barrier Reef, including Climate Change.

Reef HQ Aquarium continually strives to minimise its environmental impacts by implementing a number of activities focusing on five key areas: air conditioning and chilling, pump and filtration system design, lighting, building insulation and air leaks and building management systems (monitoring and control).

Reef HQ Aquarium partnered with Ergon Energy to assist with implementing the above energy minimisation initiatives. Read more about Greening Reef HQ Aquarium

A Sustainability Powerhouse

Many reef building corals receive the majority of their energy from the sun, and so does Reef HQ Aquarium. Reef HQ Aquarium is the first tourist attraction in Queensland to be registered as two solar power stations and is one of the largest solar power stations on a tourist attraction in Australia.

A 205kW peak photovoltaic system has been installed across 1511 square metres of the Aquarium. This amounts to a 260 tonne reduction in greenhouse gas emissions each year. The system is expected to produce approximately 258 MW-h (megawatt hours) of energy annually.   The solar array offsetts the Aquarium's overall energy consumption by 50%.

Last updated: 26 June, 2019
Last updated: 26/06/19