Reef HQ Aquarium has recently reviewed its policy on prizes and donations as numerous requests are received each year by us. Reef HQ Aquarium is a not for profit organisation and also relies on the support of the community through visitation and donations to keep our attraction operational.

Reef HQ Aquarium will consider requests from various ‘not-for-profit’ organisations, community groups and sporting clubs. In return we ask that we are promoted by your organisation.

If you are looking for a prize donation we require the following:

  • A letter on the letterhead of your club or organisation that is making the request
  • What the event / fundraiser is
  • The date of the event / fundraiser
  • Contact email, mailing address, and phone number
  • The type of support you are willing to provide in return, such as:
    • Social media posts
    • Newsletter
    • Email
    • Poster
    • Radio / TV advertising
    • Banners

Please understand that we are asked many times each year for support and although we consider every request we receive we cannot physically support every appeal.

We consistently support the overarching organisations and charities that may fundraise for research monies, equipment, programs that are delivered to the community as a whole.

Please direct your request to:

Fundraising Officer, Reef HQ Aquarium – P.O. Box 1379, Townsville, QLD, 4810

or email:

Last updated: 11/07/19