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Image of a Tawny Nurse Shark Ring Master and Clownfish with Reef HQ Aquarium Branding and School Holiday Program times and dates

Circus under the Sea!

Roll Up! Roll Up! at Reef HQ Aquarium with Circus under the Sea these school holidays

Saturday 28 June to Sunday 6 July 

  • 12pm - 1pm daily check out the roving troupe performances including stilt walking, jugglers, hooping and twirling.
  • 1pm - 2.30pm come and try out for the circus and learn how to juggle rings, balls, scarves, spinning plates, diabolo and trick sticks.

Monday 7 July - Sunday 13 July

  • 1pm - 2pm daily check out our crazy circus underwater divers as they showcase their underwater tricks.  

Plus the Circus under the Sea school holiday program from 10am to 12pm daily.

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Image of Sienna the Sawfish

Farewell Sienna the Sawfish

Sadly the team at Reef HQ Aquarium have said goodbye to one of our long term residents Sienna the Sawfish. Sienna came to Reef HQ Aquarium in 2003 measuring 1.76m. The world class conditions Sienna was kept under at Reef HQ Aquarium enabled her to grow to a whopping 3.3metres. 

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