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A venue with a difference

Reef HQ Aquarium transforms into an exciting venue for any occasion. The Aquarium is a unique and versatile venue for breakfasts, lunches, cocktails, dinners, weddings, special events, meeting, seminars, conferences or training days.

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Image of a sponge of the Great Barrier Reef

Reef Research Programs

Reef HQ Aquarium aims to contribute to scientific research. Thanks to its large marine tanks, it is an ideal position to support research institutions and industry partners in their projects. Ultimately, this helps to provide a sustainable research platform to increase our knowledge of the marine environment, makes science and innovation to the community and aims for a better protection and conversation of the Great Barrier Reef.  Read More about Reef Research Programs
Image of Sienna the Sawfish

Farewell Sienna the Sawfish

Sadly the team at Reef HQ Aquarium have said goodbye to one of our long term residents Sienna the Sawfish. Sienna came to Reef HQ Aquarium in 2003 measuring 1.76m. The world class conditions Sienna was kept under at Reef HQ Aquarium enabled her to grow to a whopping 3.3metres. 

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