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Reef Kids Under the Sea

Junior Reef Education Program

Reef Kids is an age-specific and innovative reef education experience that will stimulate inquiring minds to discover all they can about the Great Barrier Reef. Kids will learn through active play! Along with exclusive behind the scenes tours we are now offering the program to children 4-8 years of age as an after school or weekend activity. 

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Image of cartoon seastar, maori wrasse and fish with medals around their neck

The Olympics have come to town!

Test your skills and go for gold as you join in all the fun of the reef games where everyone's a winner.

All competitors take home their very own souvenir scorecard and medal.

Competition runs from Saturday 5 April to Sunday 20 April, 10am to 12pm daily. 

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Image of cartoon Maori Wrasse, Fish, Sea Snake and Sea Star where hero costumes

Fabled sea creature spotted

Strange sightings in Reef HQ Aquarium's coral reef exhibit have staff abuzz. With a whoosh of a tail and a flash of silver, a shy, elusive and mysterious creature has been seen popping her head out from behind a coral bommie. 

Great News, Poseidon 'King of the Mermaid Kingdom' has agreed to let Cora the mermaid stay for another three appearances.

Wednesday 16 April, Thursday 17 April and Saturday 19 April. To discover for yourself visit Reef HQ Aquarium from 1pm - 1.30pm.

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