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Barramundi Season

Barramundi season open February 1 2015

As of 12 noon, barramundi season will be open, remember to abide by all recreational fishing regulations and handle all fish appropriately. Check out this super slow-mo vision of a barramundi feeding thanks to Emmy Awards winning cinematographer Richard Fitzpatrick. For more amazing footage check out www.biopixel.tv

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Image of a turtle and sea start holding hands with the words bring a friend for free to Reef HQ Aquarium

Townsville Local Offer - Bring a Friend for Free!

Reef HQ Aquarium has a heart-stealing deal for Townsville Locals! Everyday during February, the month of love, bring a friend for free with any general admission purchase. Enjoy heart-warming food at the Waterview Cafe taking in stunningly romantic views of a living tropical reef, all in air-conditioned comfort.Fall in love with the Great Barrier Reef's Aquarium and the animals that call it home, it's an exhilarating affair just waiting for you!
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Image of a volunteer in the viewing tunnel with a diver in the background

Volunteer Open Night

Become a Reef HQ Aquarium Volunteer in 2015. Volunteering is a unique opportunity to increase your knowledge of the Great Barrier Reef and a fantastic way to meet new friends. 

Volunteer Open Night 
Wednesday 4 February 2015
7.00pm - 9.00pm
Reef HQ Aquarium
2-68 Flinders Street East
Townsville QLD 4810

Please note, interested parties must attend the open night to be considered. All applicants must be 18 years and over and a 12 month volunteering commitment is required. 

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